Newsweek on Obama, Now & Then……

23 Oct

Newsweek then….

Newsweek Now….

One Response to “Newsweek on Obama, Now & Then……”

  1. Ray Fuller October 23, 2012 at 1:57 pm #

    You know when deciding who to cast your vote for in this the most important of all elections it is quite easy.The first thing that they tell you when trying to figure out whether to vote for an incumbent or their oppenent is to figure out if you are better off or worse off then when they took office 4 years ago.To me that answer is quite obvious.I am permanently disabled for the last 7 years and things have gotten much worse for me.Two of those 4 years we received not a dime towards an increase in those years and the two years that we did[or going to considering the upcoming year we have received a 3.6% increase and this upcoming year we are going to get less then half of that.Hardly comes close to the increase in the cost of living].The other is did the person carry out the promises that they made after they were elected.To me you can look at one thing especially.I believe that he said in his State of the Union address after his first year he stated that if he could not cut the national debt by at least 1/2 in his first term that he did not deserve a second term.As I stated these were HIS WORDS.No one else but his.That is not to even mention how he let Goldman Sachs and the many other Wall St.brokers and bankers basically blackmail the country and get billions in loans to bail themselves out from loans that they had given out years before and knew at the time that the days would come when these people were not going to be ever to pay back.So he bails them out and the people that had worked all their lives paying into Social Security thinking that they would have something to fall back on when they could not work any longer either by retiring or being forced out of getting up every morning and going to work as I was but had paid into FICA for over 30 years were forced to decide whether to buy food to eat or their medications.In my case it had to be my meds,I had no choice in the matter.I had to have my meds everyday.

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