I can’t Believe I am Saying This…..MoveOn.Org Was Right!

2 Nov

I never thought these words would cross my lips, MoveOn.org was RIGHT!!! The full page NY Times ad taken out during the Iraq War surge with the headline General BETRAY-US was correct after all, but not for that reason. Apparently, during the Benghazi crisis now CIA Director David Petraeus, was at the 9/11 private screening of Argo, hobnobbing with Ben Affleck, and many of the DC glitterati. So while our ambassador and several SEALS were being murdered without any help from our president or our military. And I guess this premier was too important to miss to stay at his post and save our boys and our ambassador, the first to be killed on duty since 1979.

What is more disturbing is who else was there with him, Muslim Brotherhood and known terrorist sympathizer Huma Abedin Weiner, wife of disgraced pervert congressman Anthony Weiner –D NY, and Hillary Clinton aid with access to our top security people and now our own CIA Director and former General of the wars in the Middle East, HOW INCESTUOUS has Washington, DC become…..this is a scary scene indeed.

CIA director David Petraeus was there, as well as Sen. Chris Dodd, Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner, to name a few. Also in attendance were the usual assortment of former ambassadors and other Friends of Canada.




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