Election 2012…..A New Beginning or the Beginning of the End?

6 Nov

Ground Zero, Columbus Ohio…….the news trucks are lined up around the convention center and at the State House, thousands of reporters from all over the world. Japan, Australia, and even Al Jazeera….probably here to vote for Obama. All eyes are on Ohio and no one knows the outcome. I have only anecdotal evidence from the amount of yard signs, perceived enthusiasm, and by what I have seen at rallys, including the big one last night at Port Columbus Airport featuring the who’s who of the Republican Party and tunes from The Oak Ridge Boys and The Marshall Tucker Band. The lines were huge, biggest I have ever seen and they waited hours in the cold to get in, standing room only. Meanwhile, at Nationwide Arena, a huge venue, Obama had Jay Z and Bruce Springsteen as a crowd getter and they bet on a packed house. From the reports I see is that only the floor was packed and some of the loge areas were spotty, the upper decks were as empty as Obama’s promises.

The line this morning at my polling place were quite long, it took about an hour total to get through the line, I saw that as a positive sign. Let’s hope my personal observations are an accurate bellwether, and my gut feeling is a blowout by Romney. I am praying for that outcome as to avoid a close call and another Florida fiasco, because I fear if that happens there may be trouble, real trouble.

All I can say is that I hope the famed first vote in the nation from Dixville Notch, NH, where Romney has a sizeable stronghold and a summer home, will not be the true bellwether. They split the vote 50/50……5 votes to 5 votes. God save the United States of America, as He is the only one who truly knows the outcome of this historic election.

Daniel Morgan

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