Post Election Declaration…….

7 Nov

I need a strong whiskey or bourbon to wash down this crow I am eating right now. Yesterday I let my optimism, and what I knew was only anecdotal evidence, that the good guys were winning. I believed that the hand of Providence might start to right the ship of State and usher in the rule of law, common sense, and to bring us back to a country where you are rewarded for being honest and good, and to be punished for being evil and deceitful. Well, I was dead wrong. I was dead wrong about my state of Ohio, I was dead wrong about my hope that truth and common sense would win the day. I was dead wrong and in a big way.

In New England, the very seed of the American Revolution and the birth of our nation, the communist – intellectual founder of the Occupy Wall Street movement, “Elizabeth Pinnocheo-hontas” Warren ousted Scott Brown in Massachusetts, as did another liar, crook, and cheat, John Tierney, has dispatched  an openly gay  moderate Republican Richard Tisei. Tragic and unimaginable scenes like this played out around the country where patriots and military service members like Allen West of Florida were ousted by ultra-Liberal hacks of highly questionable character, and where people who belong more in jail than in congress, have won seats. This trend obviously went all the way to the top of the ticket, with help from the media, radical activists in the ACLU and other group-think radicals, and by activist judges squashing election reforms and protections all over the country. We will never know the extent of the fraud, but it surely exists and has some impact. I am not saying it tipped the races, but they certainly played a significant role. Illegal aliens and frauds were given the green light months ago by both the Obama administration, and by the Holder Justice Department. Black Panthers stood armed with clubs at polling centers; Republican poll watchers needed court orders to do their jobs and be allowed entry at polling sites. But in the end it was the 50% of Americans who feel Obama’s “Fundamental Transformation” of America needs to be completed. For those of you who abstained from voting, there is a special place in a town named Misery and a Hell for you.

Gay marriage, legalization of marijuana for both recreational and medical use, doctor assisted suicide, tax payer funded abortions, and other issues of massive moral decay have passed in states nationwide. I grossly misjudged the extent to which our nation has fallen into government dependency, moral decay, and rampant ignorance to what is going on around us, and of the perilous direction to which this nation is heading. As a nation we have diverged down the road to a New Dark Age, one that may last for decades, maybe more. I have tried my hardest to spread truth and light to all that I possibly could, in hopes that it would help carry out a victory for truth and to support a good and honest man of great character. A man who was in a battle with a tyrant and charlatan, hell bent on the destruction of every tradition that most of us hold dear, and to “fundamentally transform” what has made America the greatest nation in the history of mankind.

I vow today that I will not follow that path into darkness; I will follow the narrower path towards the light, where truth, honor, and love of country still matter. My path will lead to where a hand shake and a man’s word still hold weight and where a strong, honest work ethic defines a man’s character and where a government handout is something of shame and only accepted as a brief necessity in truly dire circumstances.

Extremely tough times are ahead, and for those of you who voted to follow that path to Socialism and Tyranny? You will learn soon enough the error of your ways and I hope God has mercy on you and your families, because I refuse to participate in this grand experiment, I refuse to be part this mistake of colossal proportion. I have been, and will continue to, work to protect my family from the New Dark Age and the coming misery the best I can, but unlike some, I will not forget this day and how those who had brought this pestilence upon our country out of ignorance and selfishness. I still believe that God has a plan for our nation. I don’t know where that plan will lead us, but apparently we have not yet learned the valuable lessons needed to bring good fortune upon this land and that we have certainly not learned from the mistakes of the past.

The Founders had a grand vision, and they wisely knew that Divine Providence had a hand in the creation of this great nation, yet we have lost our way and have trampled its traditions and drifted away from the Constitution and its principles, all the while thinking we know better than them, and better than Him. Our Constitution and our traditions are now, on this day, hanging by a thread and certainly four more years of rule by Statists may finally be the end, to which there is no coming back. For those of us who are still standing, and who still believe in the Founders vision, and still subscribe to the doctrines to which they gave their lives, and the lives millions of patriots that followed, we owe it to them to carry the torch of freedom to pass on to future generations, no matter the difficulties or seemingly insurmountable odds.

As Benjamin Franklin declared in the Pennsylvania Gazette on May 9, 1754……….”JOIN OR DIE”, that is where we are. Join the Light or enter the Darkness, that is where we are on November 7th, 2012……the choice is yours, follow the 50% of fools or stay on the path of Freedom, the path our Founding Fathers paved for us over 230 years ago. Signing off, I’m done and best of luck in the New Age……..

Daniel Morgan


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