November 9, 2012 AB (After Obama)

9 Nov

How is this possible? The RED represents Romney votes, Obama in BLUE. I thought the Electoral College prevented this from happening, where the urban areas ONLY, with their high concentrations of people, could not determine the outcome of the election for the whole country.

There were less than 3 million votes separating the popular vote too, there are at least 12 to 13 MILLION illegal aliens in the U.S., some estimate there are actually 20-22 million. The Democrats and Obama have fought tooth and nail for illegals and filed hundreds of lawsuits preventing election reforms and voter ID requirements. NOW YOU KNOW WHY!

This Map Illustrates the “So Called” Mandate Win by Obama and the “Will of the people”……Huh???

One Response to “November 9, 2012 AB (After Obama)”

  1. Stephanie T November 11, 2012 at 1:08 am #

    How on earth can this be right? It is not. It is embarrassing that we now have a President in his second term who, contrary to what he would like the American people to think, is not supported by a majority of the citizens.

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