Massive Voter Fraud Evident in 2012 Presidential Election…..

12 Nov

Evidence that the 2012 Presidential Election was STOLEN by Obama and the Democrat Machine


  • Disgracefully, hundreds of thousands of military ballots arrived too late from overseas to be counted! Officials claim a “shipping glitch” within the military, yeah right! These were enough to flip at least two states for Romney!
  • In OVER 100 Ohio districts HAD 99% OR HIGHER VOTES FOR OBAMA! There are widespread reports of 100 to 140% of votes going to Obama IN PHILLY. That is mathematically impossible, unless you go back to the elections of Saddam Hussein or Kim Jong IL EVEN THEY DID NOT WIN WITH PERCENTAGES THAT HIGH!
  • Many states have no voter identification requirements and widespread fraud has been reported by hundreds of polling places, and ignored. In addition, there is evidence that the democrats were using the mentally retarded, homeless, inmates, and asylum patients bussed to the polls.
  • There were widespread reports of voting machines defaulting to Obama once you tried to finalize your vote.
  • Finally, there were Republican poll watchers physically removed, or blocked, from observing polling places. Even when court ordered demands to allow them back in, they were intimidated and blocked from watching people hand marking absentee ballots by the thousands.

Take these factors, combine it with the frustrated Conservatives who stayed home and the Ron Paul votes and this is what we get! If we had voter integrity, and real efforts in place to curtail fraud….ROMNEY WOULD HAVE WON!

5 Responses to “Massive Voter Fraud Evident in 2012 Presidential Election…..”

  1. Roy Rogers November 13, 2012 at 3:37 am #

    MASSIVE V0TER FRAUD – Soros, 0bama and H0lder.
    0bama won EVERY state that did NOT have V0ter ID Laws in place.
    Obama would have you believe that Romney got 2 million LESS votes than McCain.
    V0ter Fraud in OH: In Cleveland, in some districts 0bama got 100% of the v0te in dozens of locations.
    In Cleveland’s Fifth Ward, 0bama won districts E, F, and G 1,337 to Mitt Romney’s… 0.
    In 22 districts, 0bama won 100% of the v0te in Cleveland.
    In 44 districts, 0bama won 14,686 to 23. That’s .16% of the v0te for Romney.
    V0ter Fraud PA:
    Romney Got ZERO Votes in 59 Philadelphia Voting Divisions!
    0bama Got Over 99% of V0te in 13 Philadelphia Wards Where GOP Inspectors were Removed;
    The voter turnout was “30%” Above Gov’t Numbers.
    In Ward 4, obama received 99.5% of the v0te, defeating Mr. Romney 9,955 to 55.
    V0ter turnout in Philadelphia was around 60 percent, according to state election figures,
    even though the ballots cast show that all voters did vote.
    V0ter Fraud CO: There are MORE registered v0ters than there are eligible to v0te citizens.
    1 county had 130% MORE v0tes cast, than it has citizens.
    Investigate, prosecute AND IMPRISON Holder, Soros AND Obama for 30 YEARS !!!

  2. nick November 13, 2012 at 3:57 am #

    Florida vote tally for congressional seats by party

    (there were 2 uncontested districts, these vote totals will be added to the final tally)

    republican 3,805,855

    democrat 3,494,131

    Florida votes for president in the same districts

    Romney 3,502,413

    Obama 3,532,998

    Are we supposed to believe that 303,442 people voted for

    republican congressmen and not Mitt Romney?

    so lets say that these people did vote for Romney

    (which i find very likely),the final tally is as follows

    Romney 4,465,616

    Obama 4,236,032

    ` ROMNEY WINS !!!!!!

    This is more proof …stolen election

    I used the vote Tally Data from

    on November 11, 2012

    i have yet to find such numbers in any previous election

    • libertywillreign November 13, 2012 at 12:09 pm #

      Where are the Republicans fighting these statistics? They should sue until every vote is counted and checked, this is a disgrace and we’ll never win another election if this is allowed to stand


      • kent January 28, 2013 at 9:16 pm #

        lol what a bunch of idiots!

  3. Haribo Lector January 28, 2013 at 10:32 pm #

    ” If we had voter integrity, and real efforts in place to curtail fraud….ROMNEY WOULD HAVE WON! ”

    So what you’re saying is, voter fraud actually turned out to be a good thing. Fair enough.

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