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We are exceptional!

19 Jan

If you’re like me, your view of America is that it should always be a meritocracy; that success is based on your own gumption and drive, and that you should be rewarded for hard work, determination, common sense, and guts.

We have the inalienable right to pursue happiness, not the right to be entitled to happiness.  Our Constitution and Declaration of Independence speak of rights as ideals (freedom, liberty, pursuit of happiness, and so on).  They do not enumerate things to be rights.  There is no inalienable right to a cell phone, a TV, or even a driver’s license.  FDR tried to associate “freedom from want” to be a right.  He was, and remains, completely wrong.

If you’re like me, you believe all men were created equal, but their standard of living should be based on their productivity and creativity, not the eternal generosity of someone else.   While not “there” yet, we’ve been closer to that goal than any country that has ever existed on this planet.    You may also agree we’re slipping from our zenith, especially these past 3 years.

If a man needs a hand to help himself up with, well, here’s mine!  Woe be to him if he thinks he doesn’t have to get busy helping himself up, though!  As a country we have always rewarded the man who works hard, and maybe needs a helping hand now and again.  Isn’t it the normal case that opportunity knocks at a door labelled “hard work”?  I’ve never heard it knocking on the door labelled “free handouts”.

So whatever your personal political view is, this election is critical.  The forces of perpetual generosity, gun control, and centralized government are working away both in front and behind the scenes to minimize our exceptionalism, our self-determination, and our pride.  These forces have a fascist attitude that believes they know better than anyone else what is good for everyone else.  They would punish you for believing otherwise – why else are there so many prison sentences specified in Obamacare?  What business does a health plan have putting people in prison?  If people don’t cotton to the legislation because it’s no good, throwing them in jail isn’t going to help their disposition any!  Make the legislation good, and people will agree to it.

We need to take control of our country again!  Our independence and self-reliance has been whittled away at since Wilson was President.  One chip at a time – the massive log of self-reliance this country was is fast approaching a toothpick.  We need to draw the line:  stop endless entitlements, balance our budgets, and re-evaluate just how and where our aid (both internal and foreign) is best spent.

Step One is to defeat this current administration in a LANDSLIDE vote against everything it stands for.  Step Two will be to hold our representatives to their oath to REPRESENT US, not their selfish self-interests.